Programs & Exhibits

A variety of programs and exhibits are hosted at the Lake Hopatcong Foundation Environmental & Cultural Center, located at 125 Landing Road, Landing, NJ. If you would like to be notified when programs become available, please sign up for our e-newsletter

If you are interested in co-hosting a program with us at our Environmental & Cultural Center, please email


March 14 - Winter Program: Insights from the 2023 Water Quality Report

February 24 - LH365: Lake Hopatcong from a new perspective


November 16 - Fall Program: Shady secrets: A guide to trees

September 14 - Summer Program: The monarch butterfly: from caterpillar to conservation

April 13 - Spring Program: Eco-Friendly Landscape Design 

February, 16 - Winter Program: 2022 Water Quality Report Review


Fall - ‘Flatwater Kayaker’ with Jeremy Travers

Spring - Lake Hopatcong Historic Flood of 2000 and Climate Change Program (virtual)

Lake Hopatcong Historic Flood of 2000 Virtual Photo Exhibit


Votes for Women: A Portrait of Persistence - Smithsonian Poster Exhibit

Thirst for Knowledge Webinar Series (virtual)

February 20 - New Jersey Highlands Rediscovered

January 23 - Landing, Crossroads of Lake Hopatcong


Smithsonian Water/Ways Exhibit

Lake Hopatcong Station Holiday Model Railroad Exhibit

November 7 - Native American Stories of the Lenape

October 3 - Lake Hopatcong Station by Water, Land, and Trolley

September 12 - The Rehabilitation of the Lake Hopatcong Train Station

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