Environmental Field Trips

Making Lake Hopatcong a Classroom

The Lake Hopatcong Foundation is proud to provide award-winning environmental field trips geared to fourth and fifth Grades. During their visit, students learn about Lake Hopatcong, lake ecology, and how to protect our water resources through hands-on lessons aboard the Floating Classroom, in the Musconetcong River, and around Hopatcong State Park.

Read about our 2023 spring season HERE!



Field Trip Activities

Students experience four activity sessions led by Lake Hopatcong Foundation staff and volunteers.

  • Hands-on learning aboard the Floating ClassroomStudents are taken aboard the floating classroom for hands-on learning about lake ecology and water quality which will include testing for water quality with Secchi disks; measuring pH levels, dissolved oxygen, and temperature; and viewing water samples through microscopes to see live phytoplankton.
  • Macroinvertebrate sampling in the Musconetcong River: Students explore the Musconetcong River to learn about aquatic macroinvertebrates and how to determine water quality.
  • Discovery hike through Hopatcong State Park: Students are introduced to the role development and forested areas play in the health of the lake environment.
  • Interactive watershed model: Students learn about watersheds and how to keep our water clean through an EnviroScape demonstration.
2024 Field Trips 

Homeschool participants, please click HERE for info on homeschool days.

Field trips are held rain or shine from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm in May and June at Hopatcong State Park in Landing, NJ. Groups of up to 140 (including chaperones) can be accommodated in a day. Schools with less than 105 participants may be scheduled with other schools to fill the day. Each activity session will contain students from only one school. Pricing for 2024 is $20 per person.  

Field Trip Inquiry Form 

If you're interested in scheduling a field trip, please complete the field trip inquiry form below. Provide three dates your group is available to attend.  Please ensure provided dates do not conflict with school testing, field days, or give back days, etc.  Once a date has been assigned to your school, it is difficult to change the date due to increased demand for field trips. After submitting an inquiry form, you will receive an email with further details in approximately 2-3 weeks.    

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