The Lake Hopatcong Foundation has a strong focus on maintaining and improving the lake environment as the health of the lake affects all facets of the Lake Hopatcong experience. Programs center around improving water quality and invasive aquatic species prevention.  

Lake-Friendly Living Guide

Lake-friendly living isn’t just for those who live on the shores of Lake Hopatcong. Stormwater flows into the lake from the hillsides all around it, carrying soil, nutrients, salt, pollution,…

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Two teenagers posing at their Lake Steward Program booth

Lake Steward Program

The Lake Hopatcong Lake Steward program aims to educate boaters about the importance of proper vessel maintenance to prevent the spread of Aquatic Invasive Species. Lake Stewards inspect boats…

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group of kayakers smiling for a picture as they float down Lake Hopatcong

Water Scouts

The Lake Hopatcong Water Scouts program is designed to educate people about the threat posed to the lake by the presence of invasive plants, water chestnut in particular, as well as to recruit trained…

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Lake Cleanups

From road-side to lake-wide cleanups, the Lake Hopatcong Foundation regularly holds events that help remove debris and trash from the lake and it’s watershed.

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Floating Wetland Islands

Several floating wetland islands have been installed in Ashley Cove in Jefferson Township. The plants on these islands pull phosphorus out of the water, thereby reducing the nutrients that aid aquatic…

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Lake Hopatcong Guide Map

The Lake Hopatcong Foundation received a BOAT U.S. Foundation Grant in 2015 to create a Lake Hopatcong Guide Map.  Copies of the map are free and have been distributed to local businesses and municipalities…

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close up of water quality test sample

Water Quality Monitoring

Water quality monitoring is essential to assess the overall health of Lake Hopatcong on a year to year basis, identifying long-term trends or changes in water quality, and quantifying and objectively…

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