Water has an impact on our environment, economy, and community. The Foundation is dedicated to understanding Lake Hopatcong’s value as a vital resource and passing that knowledge along to our children, ensuring that it will be carried to future generations.

Floating Classroom

The Lake Hopatcong Foundation’s Floating Classroom serves as an interactive learning center on Lake Hopatcong, providing a hands-on adventure for learning all about Lake Hopatcong and water ecology.

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Educational Field Trips

The Lake Hopatcong Foundation aims to bring lake education—with components of ecology, environment, and safety–to teach students about Lake Hopatcong, lake ecology and the importance of water for life on earth.

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‘Lake Hopatcong Speaks Out’

"Lake Hopatcong Speaks Out" is told from the perspective of Lake Hopatcong itself. The Lake implores readers to keep “stuff” from getting into it and what actions are needed to help keep it clean.  

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