Virtual Lake Loop Challenge 


Friday, October 9

All funds raised by participants under the age of 21 on Friday, October 9, will be matched by Dunkin Donuts of Mt. Arlington (up to $500). That means each dollar raised has twice the impact for our lake!

The youth who raises the most money in donations on Friday will receive a $50 gift card to the Main Lake Market deli and ice cream parlor!  

In addition, EVERY youth who raises a minimum of $5 on Friday, will receive a coupon for a FREE round at the Lake Hopatcong Mini Gold Club

Thank you, Dunkin Donuts of Mt. Arlington, and good luck, fundraisers!

How do I participate in this fundraising challenge?

Share your fundraising page with friends and family and ask them to donate! You can access your page by clicking HERE and searching for your name in the list of fundraisers. Choose your page and then copy the link in the web browser and share it in an email!

Make your fundraising page your own by adding a picture and a  personal message! Once on your fundraising page, you can edit it by clicking the “manage” button. 


Thank you so much for your support! 

Questions? Contact

Sample letter to send by email

Dear Friends & Family, 

I am reaching out because I love Lake Hopatcong and I want it to be happy and healthy for years to come!  (INSERT YOUR PERSONAL STORY ON HOW YOU ARE CONNECTED TO LAKE HOPATCONG)   

Now that you know my connection to the lake, I am asking for your support of the Lake Hopatcong Foundation.  The Lake Hopatcong Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to protecting the lake environment and enhancing the lake experience, bringing together public and private resources to encourage a culture of sustainability and stewardship on and around New Jersey’s largest lake, for this and future generations. 

Here are some of the ways they protect the lake for my generation: 

  • They have a Lake Steward program that aims to educate boaters about the importance of proper vessel maintenance to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species 

  • Their Floating Classroom serves as an interactive learning center on Lake Hopatcong, providing a hands-on adventure for learning all about Lake Hopatcong and water ecology.  It is a special component of the education field trip program that they offer to the lake community and beyond for fourth- and fifth-grade students 

  • The Foundation provides a multi-faceted approach to improving safety and protection on Lake Hopatcong including a dock numbering program and added police patrols to help ensure safety on the lake for all. 

These are just some of the ways the Lake Hopatcong Foundation makes the lake a better place for me and my generation.  With this in mind, will you please contribute to my personal Lake Loop fundraising page to help me raise money for this great cause so we can ensure Lake Hopatcong is vibrant and healthy for years to come?   

Here is the link to my fundraising page: (INSERT YOUR PERSONAL FUNDRAISING PAGE LINK HERE)

Many thanks, 


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