A Voice for Lake Hopatcong

The Lake Hopatcong Foundation meets regularly with elected representatives and government agencies at the federal, state, and municipal levels to advocate for protection, support, and funding for Lake Hopatcong. 

Mayors' Meetings 

The Lake Hopatcong Foundation facilitates regular mayors' meetings, fostering collaboration and communication among the municipalities that surround Lake Hopatcong. These gatherings serve as a platform for local mayors to address common issues, share insights, and address complex challenges facing Lake Hopatcong in a unified way ultimately leading to more effective and coordinated solutions for the benefit of the lake and its surrounding communities.

Public Lakes Alliance of New Jersey

The Lake Hopatcong Foundation facilitates a group of representatives from New Jersey’s public lakes who meet regularly to discuss and support each other in environmental, safety, and other lake-related challenges.  

Coalition for the Delaware River

The Lake Hopatcong Foundation is a member organization of the Coalition for the Delaware River Watershed and also serves on their Steering Committee, which is comprised of local, regional, and national organizations helping establish priorities and policies for the future of our watershed.

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