NJ Herald, December 31, 2013: Extra Lake Hopatcong patrols improve safety during summer
Lake Hopatcong News, December 30, 2013: Added police patrols deemed successful

Roxbury Register, December 4, 2013: You name it, they throw it in the lake
Roxbury Register, November 26, 2013: Tires, cans, bikes, and a lawnmower pulled from the lake

NJ Herald, November 21, 2013: 23,000 pounds of debris pulled from Lake Hopatcong
Patch, November 13, 2013: Lake Hopatcong Cleanup draws 400+ volunteers
Lake Hopatcong News, November 10, 2013: Hundreds of volunteers clean Lake Hopatcong
Star-Ledger, November 12, 2013: Good weather and a big turnout help Lake Hopatcong cleanup
NJ Herald, November 10, 2013: Lake cleanup nets tires, other junk

AIM Jefferson, November 10, 2013: Divers help to clean Lake Hopatcong
Star-Ledger, November 3, 2013: More than 300 volunteers to walk Lake Hopatcong shoreline in debris cleanup effort
NJ Herald, October 28, 2013: Volunteers to clean up Lake Hopatcong
AIM Jefferson, October 18, 2013: Lake Hopatcong Foundation “Ride for the Lake” Fundraiser
Daily Record, October 9, 2013: Bike race around Lake Hopatcong set for Saturday
Lake George Mirror, October 4, 2013: New Jersey lake group looks to Lake George Association for guidance
Lake Hopatcong News, September 18, 2013: Lake Hopatcong Foundation Clay Shoot at Hudson Farm
Lake Hopatcong News, September 6, 2013: Volunteers needed for lake-wide cleanup
Jefferson Patch, August 22, 2013: Lake Hopatcong cleanup volunteers wanted

Lake Hopatcong News, August 5, 2013: LH Water Scouts help Swartswood Lake search
Daily Record, August 2, 2013: Lake Hopatcong Yacht Club hosts fundraiser
Lake Hopatcong News, July 28, 2013: Art auction raises money for LHF
Lake Hopatcong News, July 6, 2013: Friday night Fireworks lead to Saturday morning cleanup
AIM Jefferson, July 5, 2013: Lake Hopatcong Foundation launches new app to help inform lake boaters and residents
Daily Record, July 4, 2013: Scouting for water chestnuts to protect Lake Hopatcong
Daily Record, July 4, 2013: Rainy June leads to slow summer start for many Lake Hopatcong businesses
Lake Hopatcong News, July 1, 2013: Water Scouts patrol Landing Channel
AIM Jefferson, June 28, 2013: Jefferson residents urged to shop local throughout July
News12 New Jersey, June 27, 2013: Lake Hopatcong officials release smartphone app to increase tourism
Roxbury Register, June 20, 2013: Coming art auction will aid Lake Hopatcong
Star–Ledger, June 16, 2013: Lake Hopatcong Foundation spreads its wings with water chestnut prevention effort

Lake Hopatcong News, June 13, 2013: Water Scouts out and looking
New Jersey Herald, June 5, 2013: Water chestnuts threaten Lake Hopatcong
Lake Hopatcong News, June 2, 2013: LHF Mini Golf Fundraiser
Roxbury Register, May 30, 2013: ‘Restaurant Nights’ raise funds for Lake Hopatcong maintenance
Daily Record, May 27, 2013: Water Scouts fight for Lake Hopatcong
NJ.com, January 31, 2013: We’ll pay to beef up police presence on Lake Hopatcong, nonprofit says
NJ.com, January 7, 2013: Lake Hopatcong Foundation looks to new administrator to help bring in funds

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