Lake Hopatcong News, November 24, 2014: Throngs of volunteers help with Lake Hopatcong Train Station cleanup
Daily Record, November 23, 2014:Lake Hopatcong Foundation lands in new Landing home
NJ Herald, November 23, 2014: Keeping Lake Hopatcong history alive
NJ.com, November 17, 2014: Lake Hopatcong Train Station will be restored, become nonprofit’s HQ
Daily Record, November 10, 2014: Lake Hopatcong Train Station Reborn
NJ Herald, November 8, 2014: New Home for Lake Hopatcong Foundation
Lake Hopatcong News, November 7, 2014: Lake Hopatcong Foundation purchases historic train station
Aim Jefferson, October 24, 2014, Lake Hopatcong Foundation improves public safety on lake
Roxbury Register, October 22, 2014, Walking all the way around Lake Hopatcong may be a possibility soon
Roxbury Register, October 17, 2014 , Lake Hopatcong Foundation paid for summer police patrols on lake
Aim Jefferson, October 14, 2014, Foundation goal is creation of trail that circles Lake Hopatcong
Daily Record, September 25, 2014, Sustainable Morristown, Grassroots fete award winners at “Sunday Supper” event
The Star-Ledger, July 13, 2014, Floating wetland islands installed at Lake Hopatcong to prevent algae growth
Daily Record, July 10, 2014, Lake Hopatcong installs floating wetland islands to help curb algae growth
Lake Hopatcong News, July 10, 2014, Floating wetland islands installed on Lake Hopatcong
New Jersey Herald, July 2, 2014, Floating Islands to protect Lake Hopatcong from algae…
Roxbury Register, June 10, 2014, Lake Hopatcong Foundation wins two awards for cleanup
Lake Hopatcong News, June 11, 2014:  Invasive Water Chestnut plants found in Lake Hopatcong
Star-Ledger, May 25, 2014: Fishermen’s group fights shortfall by stocking Lake Hopatcong with trout
New Jersey Hills Media Group, May 16, 2014: EDITORIAL: Kicking off summer in style
Daily Record, May 11, 2014:  First Lake Hopatcong block party: Launching a new tradition
New Jersey Herald, May 11, 2014: Lake Hopatcong communities bond at inaugural block party
New Jersey Herald, May 9, 2014: All is ready for Lake Hopatcong Block Party
NJ.Com, May 9, 2014:  Lake Hopatcong Block Party to feature food, art, lake fun and more
Daily Record, April 17, 2014:  Hopatcong Foundation Hosts First Block Party
Roxbury Register, April 17, 2014 Renowned artist will paint scene of Lake Hopatcong in Roxbury
New Jersey Herald, April 15, 2014:  Inaugural Block Party to Bring Lake Hopatcong Community Together
Aim Jefferson, April 11, 2014:  Lake Hopatcong Foundation hosting block party to unite community
Roxbury Register, April 10, 2014: Antiques, Boats, Fly Fishing Highlight Lake’s “Block Party” Event in Roxbury Township
Jefferson Patch, April 6, 2014: Block Party Aims to Unite Lake Hopatcong Communities
Lake Hopatcong News, April 3, 2014: LHF Block Party Seeks More Vendors, Volunteers
Roxbury Register, March 5, 2014:Lake Hopatcong “Block Party” Planned for May 10 in Roxbury Township
AIM Jefferson, February 28, 2014:Jefferson Council Meeting Coverage (Block Party Announcement)
The Alternative Press, February 3, 2014: Ice Safety on Lake Hopatcong
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AIM Jefferson, January 10, 2014: Lake Hopatcong Foundation enhances safety on lake with added patrols

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